Natural Balance…Because you care for your dog

Like you, we are Dog Lovers. It is our love for Dogs that led us to develop Natural BalanceTM healthy dog food.

We understand the Joy of owning a Dog and also the unconditional love that comes from having that special pet in your life. Your Dogs' health is the most important thing to us. Our promise is to enhance your Dog's life by helping him or her to live a long, healthy and active life.

In the development of Natural BalanceTM, we sought the expertise of Dr. Nick Costa, a leading university Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition and one of Australia's expert animal nutritionists. Under his direction we carefully selected a range of natural and balanced formulations designed to tempt even the fussiest eater. The result was Natural BalanceTM.

The product received positive endorsement from Breeders. Today these Breeders use and endorse Natural BalanceTM exclusively. Above all, the most important challenge was to see if the end user, your Dog, liked the product.